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Spinal Surgery

What other practices consider to be major surgery is routine at OSM. Our providers are recognized experts in the field of spinal surgery, a quickly evolving field.

Spinal surgery is traditionally known as open surgery, requiring a long incision and muscles to be moved in order to access the spine. Although sometimes necessary, this technique can prolong the recovery period. OSM’s surgical team consists of experts in minimally invasive spinal surgery (MISS), which does not involve a long incision and results in less pain and shorter recovery after surgery.

Minimally invasive techniques have been used for more common procedures such as spinal fusion and decompression for decades, however, they are now being used for a wider range of spine procedures. Talk to your spine specialist regarding the approach and procedure right for you.

Having your back and neck health addressed here at OSM gives you the advantage of collaboration between diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitation experts to create the ideal treatment plan for your unique case.



Gerard Girasole, MD


Isaac Cohen, MD

Gene Tekmyster, DO