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OSM Center Launches Functional Movement Assessment Partnership with InSports Center


From Dr. Benjamin Barnes:

I’m here today to introduce an exciting new program for both performance enhancement and injury prevention. The Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center has partnered with InSports in Trumbull and over the course of the past two years we have developed a program tailored to the ever-increasing pandemic of sport injuries.

In an era where sports specialization is at an all time high, we are also seeing an increase in overuse injuries. For an athlete, the biggest limiting factor in their progression is time.  For example, picture an athlete that has a career length of 10 years. Any time that is spent rehabbing and recuperating from an injury could  limit their overall progression.

What we can do with the state of the art software is to capture the athlete in various movements that pertain to their sport/activity. With the data we can objectively analyze this information to detect any potential issues down the road. With this information, we can help to develop a blueprint of recommendations tailored to that athlete.

Most assessment programs are subjective, which means that the person doing the assessments are eyeing the individuals progress.  Using Kinetisense, a state of the art software that can capture angles and the unnatural motions that the naked eye is unable to see we are able to formulate a completely unbiased assessment that can gear a specifically formulated strength and conditioning program to not only prevent injuries, but  potentially improve the athletes performance.

To learn more about this program, or to sign up for an assessment, please contact us!