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Does a Sports Medicine Specialist Only Treat Sports-Related Injuries?

To properly treat an injury, it is essential to go to the right type of doctor. Patients who have sustained orthopedic injuries and are unsure if they should see a Sports Medicine Specialist or Orthopedic Surgeon will benefit from the information provided in this post.

Sports medicine is a popular medical subspecialty of orthopedics. Family practice and internal medicine doctors may subspecialize in sports medicine as well. Sports Medicine Specialists complete a one to two-year fellowship in Sports Medicine after residency training. They are specifically trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of injuries that can occur while playing sports, exercising, or performing activities required for daily living.


Types of Injuries Our Sports Medicine Specialists Treat

The following types of injuries are commonly seen and treated by the Sports Medicine Specialists at The OSM Center:

  1. The overstretching or tearing of a ligament.
  2. The overstretching or tearing of a muscle or tendon.
  3. Bone damage caused by high force stress or impact.
  4. Ligament or tendon tears: Damage to the structures that attach muscle and bone or keep joints in proper position.

These types of injuries may be sustained in any part of the body, including the shoulder, arm, wrist, hand, hip, knee, leg, ankle and foot.


Types of Patients Our Sports Medicine Specialists Treat

Patients who fall into the following categories see great results when they have their injuries treated by the Sports Medicine Specialist at the OSM Center:

  1. Active individuals. Individuals who regularly exercise or participate in outdoor activities. Walkers, runners, weightlifters, hikers, swimmers, and people who participate in similar activities are all considered active individuals.
  2. Manual laborers. Individuals who have physically demanding jobs. Construction workers, mechanics, carpenters, firefighters, and maintenance and warehouse workers are some of the most common types of manual laborers.
  3. Individuals who sustain a sport’s type of injury. A fall or slip while walking, running, or cleaning can result in a sport’s type of injury.

In addition to these types of patients, sprains, strains, and fractures are also commonly seen in many other patient populations for various reasons.


Making an Appointment with Our Sports Medicine Specialists

 Patients who have injuries like the ones mentioned in this post are encouraged to make an appointment with one of the Sports Medicine Specialists at the OSM Center at any of our 5 Fairfield County locations.

The first step in properly treating the injury is accurately diagnosing it.  Once a diagnosis is made, our experts develop a treatment plan to help heal the injury in the shortest time frame possible. A variety of treatment options may be used for maximum results that include both non-surgical and surgical options. The road to a complete recovery starts when you make an appointment with the Sports Medicine Experts at the OSM Center.